At Seat Academy Online Educare we support parents with a child-centered approach where stimulation, education and nurturing of the whole child is our primary focus; providing learners with the best opportunity to meet their developmental milestones.

Please click on the icon below to familiarise yourself with the content of our program. You will find constructive lesson plans for parents, coupled with a parent education program, to assist parents and caregivers in providing constructive age appropriate activities for their children, to do at home. With no clear indication in site when ECD's will be opening, it is imperative that parents and caregivers continue the work of ECD centres, to ensure the continued development of their children, during this time of lock down and social distancing laws. No element in this program supports or encourages little ones to work from an electronic device.

Benefits of our online early learning stimulation, education and development program during COVID-19

  • Social distancing laws are adhered to reducing the risk of infection

  • Because its is online, early learning programs can be accessed anywhere, anytime, by anyone.

  • Parents are receiving first hand training on their child's development. Skills which will benefit you and your child greatly after COVID-19

  • It is much more affordable to register for our online stimulation, education and development program, than paying full educare fees at this time.