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Now, more than ever, South Africans need all the help they can get.  Many people have been unable to earn an income, while others have seen their pay packets shrink due to reduced working hours, as a result of COVID-19 and the National lockdown.   

This course was expertly developed with the assistance of the World Health Organisation and African Bank for all employers, employees, learners, NGO's and the general public, to slow down the spread of the virus.   This course provides a general introduction to emerging respiratory viruses, including novel coronaviruses.  There are resources attached to each module to help you dive further into this topic.

It also provides valuable information on how to protect your finances by giving you practical and easy to follow steps on how to manage your money, access loans, budgeting tips and how to draw your Free credit report. 

Course duration: Approximately 45 min.

Certificates: A Record of Achievement certificate will be available to participants who score at least 80% of the total points available across all of the quizzes.

As the official disease name was established after material creation, any mention of nCoV refers to COVID-19, the infectious disease caused by the most recently discovered coronavirus.


Course curriculum

    1. Student Walk through

    2. Before we begin...

    3. Personal Information : Please tell us more about yourself

    1. Introduction to Emerging respiratory viruses, including COVID-19

    2. Test your learning

    3. How-to-guide for putting on and removing PPE according to contact precautions for COVID-19

    4. Cleaning hands with soap and water

    5. Drying Hands

    6. Soap and Water demo

    7. Quiz: Practice with Soap and water

    8. Cleaning hands with alcohol-based handrub (ABHR)

    9. Alcohol-based handrub (ABHR) demo

    10. Quiz: Practice with alcohol-based handrub (ABHR)

    11. Facilities without running water

    12. Additional considerations

    13. Importance of Social (Physical) distancing explained

    1. Help Prevent Coronavirus, Stay Home, Go online, Bank 24/7

    2. Test your learning

    3. What is Credit Life Insurance

    4. Test your learning

    5. Budgeting is as easy as 50/20/30

    6. Test your learning

    7. Know your rights when applying for a loan

    8. Test your learning

    9. Get your Free Credit Report

    10. Test your learning

    1. Before you go...

    2. How to claim your gift

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